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The BOOM Dance Complex Mission

Our Mission

        Our mission is to support explosive artistic explorations and provide booming opportunities to our students. We developed a diverse, rigorous, nurturing, and adventurous dance studio. We will introduce young minds to the art in a professional and loving environment. 

     Diversity is important to BOOM because we believe that there are more benefits to learning a variety of dance styles, not just western techniques. We want to allow classes that can interest all children, team members and recreational dancers. It is necessary that everyone gets a safe place to be creative. We will encourage them to discover their artistic values.

       Honing in on the unique pleasures of dance, BOOM will have rigorous programs with opportunities such as dance competitions, dance conventions, and multiple auditions that are important to this industry. We value giving our students real world experiences that can give them confidence, character development, team working skills, and new learning opportunities outside of the studio. 

       Establishing nurturing relationships and being a solid member of the community is the most important thing we want to have in our business. Students deserve a safe space to explore and create. As teachers it is our job to guide them and give them the fundamental techniques they need to thrive. At BOOM, we value having respectful and caring relationships with all of our students. We want to celebrate every child's individuality. No artist or dancer is the same.

       BOOM encourages their students to take risks and be adventurous. Everyone will find their own success through our dance studio. What that looks like depends on the artistic path our students choose to take. We will be offering classes such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pre-Point/Point, Hip Hop, Improv, Choreography, Conditioning, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater, and Tumbling.

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