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Victoria Congdon

Owner/ Creative Director

       Victoria Congdon is the founder of BOOM Dance Complex LLC. She is a professional performer, choreographer, and educator who attended the nationally recognized dance program at SUNY Brockport. There she received a BFA in dance, performance, and choreography along with a degree in business administration. Throughout college Victoria performed in and choreographed many shows such as DANCE Strasser, DANCE Hartwell, Danscore, DanceWorks, and Dime-a-Dance. She even received the Payton Choreographic award in 2020 for her unconventional and innovative work. 

       She also performed in multiple Thesis projects that dived into complicated concepts associated with movement, was invited to perform and participate at the ACDA National College Dance Festival in 2018 and 2020, had the honor of dancing in Sankofa African Dance and Drum Ensemble Directed by Jenise Anthony, and participated in Brockport Dance Team. Victoria was also a member of Chamber Ballet Directed by Jennifer Weber. This gave her the amazing opportunity to study and perform classical ballet. Through the Student Dance Organization, at SUNY Brockport, Victoria was Production Head where she had the privilege of being artistic director and producer of multiple shows. She was awarded outstanding growth and professional promise in 2021 for her steady development in dance, performance, choreography, and production. 

       Victoria has had many extraordinary commercial dance opportunities such as performing in an AJR Brothers music video, and opening for Ke$ha and the AJR Brothers in SunyFest 2021. Victoria loves to advance her knowledge about the art, one of her favorite places to study new movement techniques is Broadway Dance Center. This is where she learned that all dancers need space to discover their own original movement vocabulary. She has spent the last five years learning how to properly teach multiple techniques, injury prevention, and how to professionally introduce young artists into the competition world. Victoria’s goal for BOOM Dance Complex is to establish a diverse, rigorous, nurturing, and adventurous learning environment. She is stoked to make genuine connections with all of her students and cannot wait to see them booming in the dance industry.


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