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The BOOM Dance Complex Mission

Our Mission

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The BOOM Dance Complex Policies 

Our Mission


For the 2023-2024 dance season all students are required to register prior to enrolling in any classes at the studio. Registration starts August 2023-October 2023. We will also have a late registration ending January 2024. All registration dates will be listed on our website, social media sites, as well as e-mailed to returning students. There will be a registration fee for all students who wish to hold their spots in classes, this fee does not go towards tuition. There will be no registration fee for returning team members. Cash or personal checks made to Boom Dance Complex will be accepted. Note: Should you be unable to attend registration dates – registration info may be mailed with payment to Boom Dance Complex 

3939 West rd Plaza, NY-281 

Cortland, NY 13045


Tuition/Monthly Payments 

Tuition will be paid monthly and is based on a 10-month payment schedule, September - June. Tuition payments are to be paid in full by the first of the month. After 10 days you will be charged a late fee of $10 every week.  Please note, if your tuition is more than 3 full months past due, your dancer will not be able to continue participating in classes. Payments will be accepted in the form of cash and/or check starting in September 2022. Please make checks payable to: Boom Dance Complex. All tuition payments are non-refundable. We understand that there will be an occasion where you are unable to make it to class. If your dancer is sick, or you are unable to attend class, your tuition will still be due by the First of the month. Tuition can be sent to the studio via mail and will not be considered late if postmarked before or on the first. 


Studio Communication

Please stay connected to the studio through our website and social media. Join our email list to get all important information sent to you directly. Everything will be posted in the studio office as well.  


Class Cancellations 

 In the event that classes need to be canceled due to weather or circumstances out of our control, you will be notified via email, our social media sites. Please note: if your school closes due to weather you are NOT required to come to class. ALL holidays and school vacations will also apply to our studio. 



 Whether taking one class or five classes, attendance during the dance season is crucial.  If your dancer is sick and unable to attend class, please let the studio know. In the event your dancer has a minor injury, they are welcome to come and view the class or we will do our best to help modify the class to their needs.. If your child is contagious, please consider the 24-hour rule before sending them to dance.   


Dancer Attire

Dancers are required to wear appropriate dance attire during all classes. 

All classes have designated shoes listed with the class under class descriptions. Ballet dancers must wear black leotards with pink tights. All other classes can wear any non-restricting athletic clothing (leggings, shorts, tank tops, and more). Tights are not required outside of ballet. 

Please make sure all dancers wear their hair up and out of their face for classes.  


Dancer Preparation 

Warm-up: All dancers should be at the studio 15 minutes prior to classes, they should warm-up, stretch, and prepare their body  in our complementary area to get prepared for class. 

Classmate Respect: Dancers are asked to be respectful to their classmates. Dancers who have been spoken to more than once during a class may be asked to leave the room and sit out the remainder of class.  

Respect the property: We ask that all of our dancers please pick up after themselves and be kind to the property around them. 

No food in the studios: Dancers may not have food on the dance floor. Water bottles are allowed in the rooms and given hydration breaks throughout class



Many photos will be taken at the studio and other events such as competitions, recitals, open house, and more. After signing our policies agreement, you give permission for us to use the photos on our studio website, instagram, and Facebook page. You also agree that you are not entitled to payment/royalties for these photos. 



All dancers will be required to purchase one costume per class. Costume prices will vary depending on the piece. Costume fees may be paid as early as the first day of classes and are to be PAID IN FULL no later than November 30th. Please note that once a costume is ordered, it cannot be returned and you are obligated to pay the costume fee in full. A late fee for all costume balances unpaid will be charged starting on December 1st. A 20% late fee on the unpaid balance of costumes will be applied December 1st. 



Boom will have a fundraising committee that will set up all fundraising possibilities. The number of fundraisers to happen all depends on the members of the committee. 



BOOM will attend three competitions this year and one nationals. We will also hold a competition meeting to discuss all further competition information. In order to join the team, you have to participate in tryouts held in August. 


Watching Class

Parents are welcome to stay during their child’s class time, but will be asked to sit in our parent lounge area. Parents will not be allowed to sit in the main dance room and are also asked to keep the noise level down during class time. Parents will be given notice when they can enter the studios to watch a brief showing. 

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